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Part 1: Design and Implementation of Target Operating Model in IT Business Alignment (Demanding, Business Analysis, Architecture)

Context of the Project:
Raiffeisenbank has identified the need to evolve its IT functioning and services in order to manage the increasing number of business demands and thereby actively manage IT-Business interfaces.
Due to the ongoing implementation of the new CRM and Core Banking systems, IT department (IT) is constantly facing a number of requirements which are needed to be managed based on both their urgency and relevance to the bank’s strategy and priorities.
IT has recently completed the Raiffeisen Group Healthcheck as well as internal discussions among the IT team, resulting in forming a list of issues / recommendations for changes in IT.
Based on above and other inputs, the management has launched the IT Transformation initiative, with the target to develop a roadmap and based on it to achieve  tangible results.
Aspiro was asked to provide support during the initial IT Transformation planning stage.

Project Impact:
Based on inputs provided by Raiffeisenbank and a high level current state analysis, Aspiro has defined and analyzed the major weaknesses and defined goals needed to be achieved in short- and midterm horizon and developed the implementation roadmap.
The initial focus was on the design of the Target Operating Model in the areas of Demand management, establishing Demand Management functions and processes and alignment of IT Demand management with other IT functions (IT Governance, IT Development) in order to prepare the bank for the deployment and operations of the CRM and Core Banking systems.
Aspiro has designed the Target Operating Model for IT Business Alignment, including:

  • Definition of HL processes
  • Definition of Organizational Changes required
  • Definition of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Definition of Bodies

In the second phase of the project, Aspiro has supported the implementation of the designed changes with the goal to confirm their feasibility and support their correct implementation:

  • Communication of required organizational changes to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Communication of the planned changes to all IT employees to achieve acceptance
  • Support of HR / staffing activities (43 new positions have been defined and staffed)
  • Definition of new processes and tools
  • Kick off and ongoing support of handing over responsibilities to new positions (based on the complexity of the change, 1 person was handing over agenda to 3-4 people in average)

Client testimonial:
Outcomes of Aspiro guys are based on analysis of company’s situation, culture and power distribution. That is why their deliverables work.
Marek Fíla
Head of IT Business Alignment
Raiffeisenbank, a.s.

Part 2: Target Operating Model Design in IT Development

Context of the project:
Raifffeisenbank has launched an IT Transformation Program, goal of which is to implement more efficient and effective IT structures and processes.
The IT Transformation is being executed based on the IT Transformation Roadmap, which has been defined by Aspiro in a previous project.
After finishing the design of the Business-IT interfaces (IT Business Alignment department), the next step was to move “deeper” into IT, to IT Development.
The Target Operating Model design in IT Development has taken place at the same time as the deployment of Siebel CRM and related changes in the organizational structure, as well as the need to set up an internal CRM capability in the bank.
Aspiro was asked to support the design of IT Development Target Operating Model as well as manage the partial implementation of designed  changes in order to prepare IT for Siebel deployment.

Project impact:
Based on the defined IT Transformation roadmap and a current state analysis of IT Development, Aspiro has identified critical areas to be covered in the new operating model (e.g. missing internal development capabilities for specific applications, scattered IT Project Management capabilities all over IT, misaligned processes in different IT Development departments).
These areas have served as a starting point for designing the Target Operating Model for IT Development, which consisted of:

  • revised organizational setup including proposed sizing of respective departments,
  • high level process design (especially Application Development, IT Project Management, Testing, Service Level Support) and
  • detailed implementation roadmap proposing next steps.

Aspiro has also taken a major part in supporting the management during validation of proposed changes within the IT Development department, as well as throughout IT (especially interfaces with IT Business Alignment and IT Operations) and aligning the proposed design with expectations of other stakeholders in the bank.
After approval of the Target Operating Model design, Aspiro has supported Raiffeisenbank management in partial implementation of the proposed changes, especially:

  • Support of HR / staffing activities
  • Update of tools and templates for the IT Development Lifecycle for both Small changes and Projects, incorporating designed changes

Client testimonial:
Aspiro proved they can not only provide best practice insight into processes in IT but also  be ready to cope with implementation issues in the individual case. They fulfilled our high and challenging expectations with huge portion of personal commitment for the designed goals. In a short time we were able to design new organization structure and processes in IT with proven cost savings. I appreciate RadoJasso’s and his team’s professional attitude that helped me with tough reorganization in IT Development. It was definitely lessons learnt period for me personally. Thank you guys for such enriching cooperation experience.
Aleš Kubík
Head of IT Development
Raiffeisenbank, a.s.

About the client:
Raiffeisenbank, a.s. is a major Czech banking institution providing a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients.
Raiffeisenbank is a member of the Austrian Raiffeisen group, which covers more than 17 markets in Central and Eastern Europe with its services.
Raiffeisenbank has merged with eBanka in 2008 and therefore is  currently engaged in the implementation of common CRM and Core Banking systems.

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