Aspiro is a compact and agile firm committed to match and surpass quality level of any of the large global consultancy groups.

Our advantages lie in fast adaptability, practical methodologies, proven networks of highly specialized engineering and consulting partners. The company adheres to highest environmental and social standards and implements leading talent cultivation policies.


An international management consultancy firm with offices in Prague (Czechia) and Bratislava (Slovakia). A boutique serving large public and private sector clients in Europe, North Africa, Turkey and the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Bringing value to our clients through applied approach to consulting, agile delivery and international expertise.


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Since 2007 we have been evolving to respond to the turbulent global environment. We have remained a consulting firm ready to give a fast and practical response to emerging challenges on the market. We guide our clients through transformations, fluently adjusting to changes and keeping a consistent vision over multi-year cooperation.


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Our team is small and sharp, and our impact stays high. Today, as ever, we are driven by ideas, hard data and hands-on action. We go beyond consulting, to design product models, service methodologies and a whole new reality for our clients’ presence in the world.


  • development of infrastructure policies and concept notes
  • due diligence and feasibility studies on project proposals
  • identification and preparation of financing options
  • public procurement and contract administration support
  • project management and implementation assistance
  • digital transformation strategy
  • employee & customer experience
  • digital maturity assessment
  • enterprise IT architecture
  • cybersecurity capacity building
  • decarbonization strategy & pathways
  • renewable / energy / storage programs
  • climate resilience of infrastructure
  • energy efficiency programs and financing
  • ESG policy optimization
  • institutional strategy
  • governance setup and improvements
  • business design
  • business process optimization
  • corporate development programs




17 years of experience in government, academia, and consulting. Team leader in infrastructure financing, procurement, and institutional development assignments. Further experience in investment promotion, infrastructure policy and project development, city management and digital transformation. Track record in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Türkiye, and the Caucasus, the Maghreb, Central and Southeastern Asia.

Miroslav Kučera


Team leader for infrastructure project preparation and implementation. Expert in municipal services and digital cities, low-carbon energy transition, development financing and financial structuring, procurement and contracting. Project management professional.

“The devil is in the details – small omissions or miscalculations at the onset can spectacularly backfire years later and turn project success into failure. We safeguard our clients’ projects and initiatives from the start, actively mitigating risks, laying ground for sustainable, positive impact.”

Professional highlights

Created various methodological frameworks and practical toolkits for trailblazing investments – digital transformation of cities, battery storage systems, energy efficiency financing.

Advised multiple cities and municipal service companies in different countries in improving the way they are governed through benchmarking, KPIs, financial and operational performance measures, and corporate transformations.

Works with multiple IFIs (EBRD, CEB, EIB, World Bank, UNDP) – experienced in all stages of project financing, from defining country priorities through project approval and procurement up to impact evaluation.

Experience in a broad range of sectors, design and implementation of multi-sector infrastructure projects – public transport, water and wastewater, solid waste, irrigation, energy, healthcare, buildings, telecommunications, or information technology

Education and Experience

PhD. in Sociology; Master’s degree in Law; Master’s degree in Sociology

PRINCE2 Foundation

English, French; Slovak; Czech; Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

17 years of professional experience

– IFI procurement
– IFI project financing
– digital transformation of cities, institutions
– e-government, digital platforms
– municipal governance and citizen engagement
– energy transition project development
– renewable energy, battery storage, hydrogen
​- project and program management



14 years in consulting, infrastructure project preparation and implementation, financial management and procurement. Digital transformation and e-government focus including electronic healthcare, digital cities, and e-procurement. Specializing in financial and operational performance improvement programs in public enterprises and corporate sector. Track record in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Türkiye and Central Asia.

Tomáš Kadlic


Certified project manager & procurement and finance specialist for infrastructure project preparation and implementation. Expert in municipal infrastructure development and financing and investment prioritisation.

Professional highlights

Provides support in IFI procurement, managing tenders for works, goods, and services according to IFI standards. Certified in Public Procurement by the World Bank.

Have performed financial and economic analytics & modelling, participated at financial and operational improvement programmes and corporate development initiatives.

Experienced from international projects funded by various IFIs (EBRD, DFID, World Bank, UNDP, IIB) in various countries in the Central Europe, Western Balkans, Turkey, and CIS.

Organized high-profile seminars, policy dialogue events, workshops, and conferences both locally and internationally. Skilled in planning, budgeting, marketing, logistics.

Brings public institution performance in developing regions to high quality standards through application of top international organizational performance improvement frameworks. Hands-on experience in developing corporate development programmes, financial and operational performance improvement programmes.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in Strategic Management

PRINCE2 Foundation

English; Slovak; Czech; Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

14 years of professional experience

– IFI procurement
– IFI project financing
– renewable energy, battery storage
​- business and financial analysis
– project and program management



11 years of experience in delivering large-scale infrastructure and institutional development projects for public sector clients, with IFI financing and donor support components. Particular focus on procurement, corporate development and program management in urban infrastructure, buildings, and public transport sectors. Track record in Türkiye, Central and Eastern Europe, and Western Balkans.

Kadir Deniz


Management consultant and certified project manager with flawless track record of large-scale procurement and institutional development projects for public sector clients in Türkiye, Western Balkans and CEE. Experienced in working with international bodies such as EBRD, UNCITRAL, CEB.

“Achieving excellence starts with a small step, though sometimes it is the hardest one to take. Obstacles may appear on the way as well, but our team is here to be your compass on your journey. Knowing that one-size-does-not-fill-all, we are committed to finding solutions that fit to your specific needs”

Professional highlights

Supported public sector clients in several large-volume tenders and multi-component contracts for civil works, goods, machinery and turnkey facilities according to IFI Procurement rules using e-Procurement platforms.

Assisted central government organisations, municipalities and municipal companies to develop strategic management and performance monitoring systems.

Works with multiple IFIs as procurement expert, outreach coordinator and project coordinator.

Helps municipalities, cities, and governments to prepare projects and implement infrastructure projects in solid waste, district heating, energy, urban transport, water&wastewater, irrigation, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Participated at financial and operational improvement programmes, corporate development initiatives.

Assisted various clients in developing standards and tools for environmental and social monitoring of large infrastructure projects.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations
Master’s Studies in European Studies

– WB Certificate Program in Public Procurement
– FIDIC – Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes
– FIDIC – Management and Administration of Contract
– PRINCE2 Foundation

English, Turkish; Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian

11 years of professional experience

– IFI procurement
– IFI project financing
– stakeholder management
– resolution of contractual disputes
– institutional development and performance improvement
– strategic management advisory for Public Sector
– environmental and social compliance monitoring



26 years of experience in contract management, accounting, bank product management, public sector project management and coordination. Supported budgeting and disbursement in multiple regional multi-party infrastructure and policy projects and initiatives. Worked with multiple borrowers and lenders in project implementation and financial management support. Track record in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Middle East, the Maghreb, and Central Asia.

Jana Cahajlová


Financial specialist managing budgeting and disbursement in multiple IFI-financed projects and providing support to multiple borrowers and lenders, and financial management support to infrastructure team.

“The solution is in transforming self-discipline into an organizational habit.”

Professional highlights

Professional experience in contract management, accounting, bank product management, and public sector project management.

Administrative support for international projects with multiple IFIs (EBRD, CEB, EIB, UNDP). Preparation and controlling of supporting documents related to invoicing for consultancy services, controlling of invoiced amount and remaining budget.

Communication related to invoicing process with the EBRD and other subjects. Participation on budget adjustment during project duration. Contract management, amendment preparation.

Experience in transformation of guidelines for electronic banking according to new guidelines.

Implementation of OECD rules in area of chemical management. Approximation of European Union (EU) Environmental Legislation during accession of the Slovak Republic to EU.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering; Master’s degree in Pedagogy

English ; Slovak; Czech; Russian

26 years of professional experience

– budget controlling and adjustment
– contract Management
– project financial management
– coordination of invoicing process
– IFI-funded projects’ experience



16 years of experience in banking, financial and economic analysis, renewable energy development, green hydrogen value chain and battery storage systems. Project integration focus underpinned with experience in project design, business modeling, financial analysis, legal and regulatory assessment, value chain assessment, EU financing and subsidy programs, and B2B project delivery management. Track record in Central Europe, Western Balkans, Caucasus, and the Maghreb.

Miroslav Kačúr


Multi-role manager with expertise in banking, financial and economic analysis, renewable energy development, green hydrogen value chain and battery storage systems. Project integrator with deep understanding of project design, business models, financial  analysis, legal assessment, value chain assessment, EU financial facilities assessment and E2E delivery of projects.

“Knowing one’s limits is a cornerstone of confidence. Knowing how and when to push those limits is a cornerstone of excellence. We are realistic in our work. We know what we are capable of and we deliver all of it, every day. “

Professional highlights

Spearheading the development of green hydrogen ecosystem in Slovakia. Coordinated 2 pilot complex projects from the idea to full implementation together with integrated RES solution.

Design of IPCEI project intended to enable clean mobility solution, combining various sectors and stakeholders uniquely supplementing the hydrogen production with grid flexibility operations. Shaping of national clean hydrogen strategy.

Development of multiple financial models for project financial forecasting, company valuations and specific models for loan application purposes. Became a company go-to expert for banking, financial markets and modelling.

Understanding the global energy transition roadmap to net-zero goal. Adopting integrated knowledge of technologies, finance, geographies, legislation and industry sectors. Identification of major energy transition roadblocks and offering ways to surmount them.

Experience with multiple IFIs (EBRD, CEB, IIB, World Bank, UNDP) – in various stages of project financing.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in Financial Management

PRINCE2 Foundation

English, French; Slovak; Czech

16 years of professional experience

– energy transition project development
– renewable energy, hydrogen value chain, battery storage,
– project management
– hydrogen legislation and permissioning, EIA
– GBER, CEEAG, IPCEI financing guidelines
– national energy policies
– national and IFIs procurement regime
– complex financial modelling
– digital strategies in banking, municipals and utilities
– cybersecurity



13 years of experience in business development, project and contract management, consortium and bid management. Experience across diverse range of infrastructure and digital transformation assignments in corporate sector and public enterprises. Prepared multiple large-scale IFI-financed infrastructure initiatives as well as telecommunications and banking assignments in Central Europe, Türkiye and Western Balkans.

Emir Anil Özen


Project and  business development manager with extensive team and project management skills. Experienced in IFI-financed infrastructure and banking/telecoms projects in Central Europe, Türkiye and Western Balkans.

“By actively listening and empathizing with your needs, we leverage our extensive experience to provide tailored solutions, all while maintaining clear and effective communication.”

Professional highlights

IFI-financed infrastructure and banking/telecoms projects in a role of Project Manager/Coordinator and Senior Analyst where he was interacted with public and private bodies

Supported municipal clients in major metropolitan municipalities and municipal companies on data collection / structuring, infrastructure project reporting and financial analysis, as well as investment structuring and market research

Experience in working with municipalities, governmental organizations, utilities, and clients in the private sector (primarily commercial banks and telco operators), supporting the design of digital strategies, integrating smart technologies, digital transformations, and gaining insights for data-driven decision making

Supported cities in corporate development and financial and operational programmes by data collection and structuring, building up IT systems to support KPIs recording, measurement & monitoring; developed an effective mechanism to assist the cities in monitoring the performance, as well as meeting the regulators obligations

Experience with multiple IFIs (EBRD, CEB, IIB, World Bank, UNDP) – in various stages of project financing.

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in Management and Organization
Bachelor’s degree in Economics

– Budgeting and Scheduling Projects
– Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures

English, Turkish, Slovak

13 years of professional experience

– Project and business development
– Financial and economical analysis
– Financial disbursements and covenant coordination
– IFI contract and procurement
– KPI management, data collection
– Municipal governance
– Digi strategy and transformations
– Banking and telco operations
– Start-up ecosystem
– Project and team management


  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Governments and public agencies
  • Cities and municipal companies
  • Energy and utility companies
  • Telecommunication operators
  • IT companies



What are Ingrediencies that Make Aspiro Different? It comes down to a few words, which best describe what it feels like working in Aspiro. However, there is much more to it and we would be happy to discuss it with you in person.


Aspiro is a small but professional firm with about 30 employees. Everyone knows everyone, people are listened to and their opinions are considered.
We often work in small teams, consisting only of a manager/partner and consultant, occasionally engaging experts with specifics subject matter expertise, which creates plenty of opportunities to learn fast and get experiences working with senior people who know their stuff and business for tens of years.


We reward excellence and recognize when people are working hard to achieve their personal and project goals. On every step of the way, consultants receive feedback to help them improve their job performance and motivate them after an achievement. Our career coaching system enables you to set personal development goals on a biannual basis, fostering fast learning and growth.


Although being originally founded in Slovakia, Aspiro has projects all around the world, mainly the Europe, Balkans, Turkey, and Central Asia and some as far as Asia.
We often cooperate with international consultants and business partners and have international people in our internal team.


Cliché it may sound, we mean it. Delivering value is key aspect of everything we do and it keeps us in the business long term.


We are always bit unsettled thus always seeking something new. Therefore, Aspiro extended traditional definition of consulting by engaging in new business ventures where our consultants get a taste of what it takes to bring an idea from paper to real life.


Czech Republic

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Aspiro, a.s.
Gagarinova 7/C,
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Phone: +421 2 5363 3191

Registered address:
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SK-82109 Bratislava

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Aspiro a.s.
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